A downloadable game for Windows

You found a strange notebook in your mailbox. On the first page, an address. By going there, you know that this track will lead you to the clues you need in order to choose between 9 of your suspects. 

Rummage through the rooms, find objects, papers, compare them to what the notebook gives you, and try to analyse it all. In Achromatic, your deduction will be your best ally.

Immerse yourself in a dark mood, tributing the Film Noir cinema genre : black and white graphics on your computer, colors on your notebook, lighting games, muffled mood, jazz musics, ...

Print your notebook, and enjoy your investigation !

(You can't play Achromatic without the notebook, don't forget to download it! )

Emeline BERENGUIER - Programmer (Itch.io - GitHub)

Laurent GAIDIER - Game Designer (Itch.io)

Romane GARCIA - 2D/3D Artist (Itch.io - Artstation)

Constance GAUTIER - Producer (Site -Itch.io)

Corentin LAVERGNE - Sound Designer (Itch.io)

Manon PIERI - 2D Artist (Artstation)

Dorian SOUC - UX/Game Designer (LinkedIn - Itch.io)


Notebook.pdf 7 MB
GuideToPrint.pdf 977 kB
Achromatic_Build.zip 626 MB


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Hi !

Thanks for your video on our game. 

It is unfortunate, it seems you missed half of the game simply because you didn't print the notebook. It is a cross-platform game, one part of the game is within the virtual space while the other one is on the notebook (paper) that you can download and print.

You should give it a try with both, you will understand why :)

Best of luck


Maybe add a hard lock with a reminder within the game so that the player cannot begin until he didn't print the notebook?

Wow this sounds very cool and the aesthetic feels very fitting to a game like this :D

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 

Hi, thank you for the comment, we're glad that you like our aesthetic! Your contest seems really interesting, we'll definitely check it out :D

That's great! :D